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What are the home owners association dues and benefits? Open

Your HOA fee is based on the size of your condominium and is calculated at 37 cents per square foot. HOA benefits include common area and property maintenance, and trash and sewer services.

Who is the internet & cable tv provider? Open

Your Internet and cable TV services are contracted by Cox Communications.

Who Is The Electricity Provider? Open

Your power is contracted by Arizona Public Service (APS).

Is there an alarm service available for my condominium? Open

You can contract to have a personal alarm system installed in your condominium through COX Communications.

Are window coverings included with every unit? Open

Manually operated roller shades are included for exterior windows on all units except ground floor Live/Work units.

Is there property security? Open

Your HOA provides property security including locked gates and lighted common areas.

What are the consumer product warranties? Open

Your major appliances include a one year warranty as specified by the manufacturer.

What are the pet guidelines? Open

You may have one pet per residence subject to HOA guidelines. Additional pets may be permitted at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Is there resident bicycle parking? Open

A secure community bike rack is available on site.

What is available for resident vehicle parking? Open

If you purchase a one bedroom condo, you will receive one covered parking spot in our gated lot. If you purchase a two bedroom condo, you have the option to purchase a second covered parking spot in our gated lot.

Where is the guest vehicle parking? Open

Your guests have ample parking available on both Moreland St. and 2nd St.

What are my down payment options? Open

We offer VA, FHA and conventional financing. Buyers who qualify for a VA loan are eligible for 0% Down. Buyers who qualify for an FHA loan are eligible for as little as 3.5% down; and conventional financing offers rates as low as 3%.

What are the property taxes? Open

en Hance Park is new construction and property taxes have yet to be assessed by the city of Phoenix. As a general guideline, you should budget for 1/2% of your sales price.

What's happening with the park across the street? Open

Margart T. Hance Park is expected to undergo a $118 million renovation making it one of the premier outdoor urban destinations in the country. The proposed design won a national award and features an amphitheater, splash pad, zip line and lush grounds. For more information, please visit


Sales by Phoenix Urban Spaces, LLC. Roberta Candelaria, Broker. Information provided through the marketing materials, sales center, sales brokers, or models is preliminary in nature. Changes may be made to our project, including but not limited to designs, floor plans, resident sizes, services, amenities, and pricing. Subject to ADRE Final Public Report.

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